Hunter Communications is a satellite provider that has a solid track record in the industry. CBC/Radio-Canada received a number of strong submissions, but Hunter’s proposal was the most innovative, unique and financially competitive. Already, during the ongoing migration of our satellite system, we can see the foundation for a dynamic partnership between CBC/Radio- Canada and their associates.

Steven Guiton, Executive Vice-President, MTIS

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Hunter’s primary focus is on understanding the inefficiencies in the satellite capacity and teleport services markets and exploiting those inefficiencies for the benefit of its clients.  On a daily basis, all team members are negotiating, analyzing and searching for capacity opportunities that may give Hunter’s clients an advantage in the marketplace.  For this reason, it is not just the smaller sized firms, but also many of the industry’s largest, who find advantage in using the resources of Hunter.

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At its core, Hunter is a firm that provides engineering services, commercial negotiation expertise and legal support for the procurement of satellite capacity and teleport facilities.  Firms in the industry use satellite capacity as a critical component of their service platforms, and quite often it is their largest cost component.  However, many small to mid-size firms do not engage in capacity negotiations often enough on an ongoing basis, which puts them at a disadvantage.  Because all competitive processes are cost-sensitive and deals can be won or lost on a single percentage point, it is critical for these firms to have the latest industry knowledge and technical expertise available to effectively compete – Hunter fills that role for many of these firms.  Hunter provides much of the technical and commercial analysis which allows the client and Hunter to drill down to the most cost-competitive option for each project.

Hunter and L3 3Di:  a case study in improbable solutions

Hunter found the competitive advantage to displace a long-standing incumbent.

Hunter and L3 3Di: keeping deployed troops connected for the USO

When US troops in the Middle East needed reliable internet access to stay in touch with their loved ones back home, Hunter worked with its partners to make that happen.

Hunter and Nanometrics: satellite networks that saves lives

Unreliability is not an option when it comes to relaying critical information about potential earthquakes and volcanos.  Hunter provides the guaranteed data transmission this seismic monitoring company requires.

Hunter and Panasonic Avionics: facilitating a multi-party agreement

Hunter provided Panasonic the help it needed with multi-party negotiations necessary for a competitive entertainment service offering.

Hunter and a Middle Eastern Broadcaster: securing bandwidth at a reasonable rate

Hunter assessed all options for this client before successfully securing the required space at a reasonable rate.

Hunter and regional overseas satellite operators: establishing valuable vendor relationships

Hunter has longstanding vendor relationships with Koreasat, Russian Satellite Communications Corp (RSCC), Thaicom, Singtel and many other regional satellite operators.

Hunter and KSAT: providing lower cost connectivity options in Antarctica

Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites provide critical services to humanity.  Weather and GPS satellites, scientific payloads and imaging satellites whose content ultimately ends up on Google Earth have improved the quality of our lives.

Hunter and TCS: a solution for the US Marine Corps Network

Task Order CS002 was released to US Government contractors in the spring of 2012.  It required a worldwide Ku-band network to service the US Marine Corps’ global satcom requirements.  TeleCommunication Systems (TCS), a long-time client and partner of Hunter’s wanted to provide a unique solution to win the RFP and ensure that the Marine Corps had the greatest network capabilities possible.

Satmex (Eutelsat) – Hosted Payload for Canadian Ku-beam on the E115WB

As Hunter’s efforts tend to span many different areas within the satellite industry – from mobile aero and maritime networks to land-based commercial and government requirements, as well as video applications, Hunter is often consulted by satellite operators on beam designs for future satellites as part of the operator’s planning process.


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