Hunter Communications provides satellite solutions for government, energy, broadcast, maritime and aeronautical sectors.  Our core business pairs satellite capacity with the latest ground segment technology to provide innovative satellite communications solutions.  Hunter brings to its customers, current in-depth experience and technical knowledge of the global satellite market.

Founded in late 2001, Hunter Communications, Inc. is an independent satellite communications (“SATCOM”) provider that fosters long-term relationships between clients and providers, offering solutions for short or over-supply bandwidth procurement, efficient engineered technical designs, and on-going technical support.

Collaboration, teamwork and respect are paramount to our every customer engagement.  We ensure our incentives are aligned with those of our customers, partners and vendors.  As a network neutral, end-to-end communications integrator, Hunter offers its partners a competitive advantage with marketplace intelligence, driving value for its clients without the burden of promoting a specific satellite operator, teleport, or equipment technology.

Smaller sized firms as well as many of the industry’s largest have come to Hunter to resolve their unique satellite requirements.  On a daily basis all Hunter team members negotiate, analyze and search for capacity opportunities that may give Hunter clients an advantage in the marketplace.

What sets Hunter apart is its focus on understanding the inefficiencies in the satellite capacity and teleport services market and exploiting those inefficiencies for the benefit of its clients.

Hunter currently manages ~900 MHz of capacity, and over the years, on behalf of clients such as Panasonic and MTN, managed the procurement and engineering allocations of an additional 10,000 MHz.

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