Each member of the Hunter team has a deep technical and commercial understanding of the satellite industry.  They joined the team explicitly for their professional expertise and working knowledge of satellite operators and the service providers who buy from them.  Hunter is well versed in the technical, regulatory, commercial and legal aspects of both satellites and the ground equipment that provide access to them.  The geographically dispersed team works together to ensure Hunter clients receive the greatest breadth of industry insights.

Brent Perrott

New York and Edmonton, Canada  

Office: +1-914-723-3595
Cell: +1-305-778-8425

Brent Perrott is the President and founder (2001) of Hunter Communications, Inc., a global company providing satellite communications to government contractors, enterprise and telephone companies for mobile, remote voice and Internet connectivity.

Brent began his career in the satellite industry with PanAmSat Corporation, an international commercial satellite operator that critically influenced the eventual global telecom deregulation.  He later worked for Americatel Corporation, the first foreign-owned US telecommunications firm, providing satellite services throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

As Vice President of International Voice and Data at ICG Satellite Services, Brent was instrumental to the firm’s improved valuation by 10x, resulting in its sale to Verestar, Inc.  Brent continued with Verestar as Senior Vice President of Emerging Accounts, during which time the firm grew in annual revenues to $225 million.  Brent also served as a member of the acquisition team for Verestar, culminating in the successful purchase and integration of nine companies, while managing a team of 45 sales and marketing professionals.

In addition to his extensive satellite industry expertise, Brent leads Hunter with cultural and global business experience – having travelled extensively and lived and studied abroad.  Mr. Perrott holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta (Canada) and University of Plymouth (England), as well as an MBA from the European University (Paris, France).

John M. Greene


Office: +1-303-679-2922
Cell: +1-303-885-1926

John Greene excels at providing customer-centric satellite solutions for Hunter, applying his 25 plus years as a senior executive dealing with the technical components and the strategic business side of the satellite industry.

John first forged strategic partnerships with broadcasters and telcos for the international satellite operator, Columbia Communications, where he was responsible for the successful marketing 20 C-Band transponders.  After Columbia John joined ICG Satellite Services, where he grew the company’s international voice termination and data segments from near-zero to a multi-million dollar business. Following ICG’s acquisition into Verestar, John was selected to help form the company’s highly successful Government Services division.  In this role, he managed all non-direct US. Government business for Verestar, resulting in several multi-million dollar contracts with numerous government contractors.  Prior to serving the government sector, John led a sales team providing internet, voice, and data services in the enterprise arena.

John has a Bachelor of Arts in American Government from Georgetown University.

Michael Dougherty


Office: 484-538-7752
Cell: +1-908-962-2965

Michael Dougherty’s experience in designing the first Ku-band coverage over the Atlantic for broadband in-flight satellite services was integral to Hunter’s subsequent design and launch of its own hosted payload of the Hunter Canada Ku-beam in 2015.  At Hunter, Michael works closely works with broadcasters, cable companies, enterprise, and government integrators to ensure Hunter clients receive the satellite communications solution that meets their unique requirements.  Michael’s clients benefit from his extensive knowledge of satellite technical design, systems and processes.

Prior to joining Hunter, Michael worked in sales, satellite technical design and systems at Loral Skynet.  He led the sales effort to develop and contract an aeronautical two-way service with the Boeing Company, working with the engineering and regulatory teams.  This experience provided the foundation for his in-depth knowledge of the mobile aeronautical and maritime applications.

Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The College of New Jersey and has continued educations credits at George Washington University.

Julian Dunn

London, UK

Cell:  +44-777-1955-161

Julian Dunn came to Hunter Team in 2014 with a deep understanding of the business of satellite service/teleport providers. Initially one of Hunter’s key suppliers, Julian was no stranger to the team. Based in the UK, Julian is focussed on increasing Hunter’s purchasing presence in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Prior to joining Hunter, Julian worked for the UK based company, Alphameric Broadcast Solutions, which provided satellite occasional use business TV services and satellite data feed services on a global basis. He was an instrumental member of the team which established a 2000 VSAT network for the UK National Lottery. He later worked for the US-based company Loral Cyberstar/Skynet, as well as a number of other European based teleport providers. During his tenure at British Telecom, Julian won the prestigious 2009 BT Masters Club Award for achieving outstanding individual sales growth and profit for British Telecom.   

Roland Renner

Ottawa, Canada

Cell: +1-613-612-0501

Roland Renner has been developing market opportunities in Canada and negotiating the regulatory challenges of the satellite industry for Hunter since 2014.

Roland’s sector expertise is in telecommunications, broadcasting and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).  His career began at Bell Canada where he worked on economic and financial evaluation techniques to be applied in the emerging competitive environment.  Roland served as Director, MIS, and Director, Regulatory Matters at Telesat Canada where he was responsible for pricing, regulatory costing studies and a CRTC rate increase proceeding.

As a consultant, Roland worked with PwC Consulting (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and Nordicity Group.  He was a co-founder of a start-up company in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) sector that completed a number of projects for federal, provincial and municipal transportation departments.  Roland has consulted extensively for private sector clients in Canada, the U.S., the Middle East and South America on communications regulatory and service delivery issues.

Roland has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario and a Masters in Economics from McGill University, Montreal Quebec.

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