Hunter and L3 3Di: Keeping deployed troops connected for the USO

Hunter and L3 3Di:  Keeping deployed troops connected for the USO

When US troops in the Middle East needed reliable internet access to stay in touch with their loved ones back home, Hunter worked with its partners to make that happen.

The Challenge

American troops deployed in and around Afghanistan requested increased access to the internet.  The USO (United Service Organizations), in its continuing role as a critical support organization to the US military for moral, welfare and recreation, needed to provide the soldiers on these remote bases with reliable access to computers and high-speed internet.  With telecom infrastructure in Afghanistan essentially non-existent at the time, high-speed satellite service was the best option.

The Solution

The USO contracted L3 3Di who in turn utilized Hunter’s support to provide internet access to the US military bases in and around Afghanistan.  Hunter worked with L3 3Di to establish the least-cost solution, leveraging supplier relationships and its expertise to reduce spectrum utilization and to ensure the USO could receive the most Mbps for their budget.

With the Hunter – L3 3Di satellite solution, the troops deployed in the remote regions of Afghanistan were able to teleconference, send/receive e-mails and surf the internet.  This enhanced communications capacity at USO centers and gave the soldiers a place to congregate during off-hours where they could socialize, relax and feel a little less remote from their world back home.

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