SATMEX and Hunter Communications Sign Pre-sale Agreement for Satmex 7 and Announce their Entrance into the Canadian Marketplace

New York, New York – November 13, 2012 – SATMEX and Hunter Communications announced today a multi-transponder end of life pre-sale agreement for Satmex 7.  The new state-of-the-art satellite, currently under construction, is expected to be launched by the first quarter of 2015. Hunter Communications intends to use this capacity for telecommunications services in Canada and the U.S. during the 15-year lifespan of the satellite.  In addition, the agreement also provides for the use of Satmex 5 after its relocation to the 114.9°W orbital position from which the satellite will be positioned to provide inclined orbit services in Canada and the United States prior to the launch of Satmex 7.

This announcement coincides with SATCON 2012, during which SATMEX will share its future development plans. “We are very pleased to have been able to close this exclusive agreement with Hunter Communications, as it represents a solid start for our Satmex 7 commercial efforts and our entrance to the Canadian market.  As a service provider, this new all-electric propulsion satellite represents one of our competitive advantages,” said Clemente Cabello, SATMEX’s Vice President of Business Development.

“Hunter is excited to partner with SATMEX to design the first competitive options on both Satmex-5 and Satmex-7 for full Ku-band coverage over North America, and particularly over northern Canada, which has had few alternatives for many years,” stated Brent Perrott, President of Hunter Communications.  “This beam and its unique location offers an excellent solution for aeronautical, maritime and mobile land VSAT – while covering all of North America, the coverage was specifically designed to provide the highest power available into the northern regions – from the Aleutian Islands through the Canadian north.  This is a major foray into the Canadian marketplace, and we look forward to working with our Canadian and U.S. based customers to develop and utilize this beam’s capabilities.”

Satmex 7 is a new generation electric powered satellite being developed and built in partnership with Boeing. The device will feature 64 high-power C and Ku-Band transponders. It is expected to be launched into orbit by Space-X’s latest generation vehicle, the Falcon-9.  Satmex 5 is an existing Boeing satellite, that will be moved into the 114.9WL position and placed into inclined orbit following the launch of the Satmex 8 in late 2012.  The satellite’s Ku-1 beam will be re-positioned northward to cover Canada and the U.S.

About Satelites Mexicanos (SATMEX)

Satelites Mexicanos (SATMEX) is a provider of fixed satellite services (FSS) in the Americas, with coverage of more than 45 nations and territories. As one of only two privately-managed FSS providers based in Latin America, SATMEX has designed, procured, launched and operated three generations of satellites over a 25 year period. SATMEX’s current fleet is comprised of three satellites in highly attractive, contiguous orbital slots that enable its customers to effectively serve their entire coverage footprint utilizing a single satellite connection. SATMEX also plans to launch two new satellites – Satmex 8 in late 2012 and Satmex 7 in early 2015.

About Hunter Communications, Inc.

Formed in 2001, Hunter Communications, Inc. fosters long term relationships between clients and providers by offering solutions for short-supply bandwidth procurement, efficient technical designs, and on-going technical support. Hunter also offers its partners a competitive advantage with marketplace intelligence. As an agnostic solutions provider, Hunter always supports its customers’ needs without the burden of having to promote specific satellites, teleports, or equipment technologies.

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