Hunter Canada Ku-beam

The Hunter Canada Ku-beam is positioned at the center of the Canadian arc and delivers high-power Kuband capacity over Canada and the surrounding waters.

The Hunter Canada Ku-beam:

  • The highest-powered Ku-band beam coverage, particularly in the far north
  • Delivers full-Canada coverage from its prime orbital position of 114.9 WL
  • Enables new maritime, aeronautical, land mobile V-SAT service and video applications
  • 4 degree satellite spacing and 8dB higher off-axis EIRP advantage – provides unparalleled cost efficiencies for small sub-1m antennas

Hunter Beam @ 114.9W.L EIRP Downlink Beam

Other File Formats:
Download SatMex 7 114.9W EIRP – .KMZ / .GXT Files

Hunter Beam @ 114.9W.L. G-T Uplink Beam

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SatMex 7 114.9W G_T – .KMZ / .GXT File
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