Royal Military College, AMS


This is a world leading teaching facility on Applied Military Sciences. Several rooms within it already have audio-visual support. However they needed a location whereby administrative personnel could communicate and coordinate with counterparts throughout the Canadian Forces and other associated educational organizations worldwide.

Such a system had to be interactive and also allow guests with new laptops to make presentations. Audio and Videoconferencing had to be included to empower communications with remote colleagues as well as with Canadian Forces directorates across the country. All this had to be very simple for new personnel as individuals within this building can be deployed/rotated often. It had to be simple for existing individuals and for the new people coming in.

They did not have this capability and they needed it.

IAV Provided Solution:

Our Kingston office met with the end user, listened to their needs and expectations. It became clear we required a hybrid solution as they had existing analog computers and video equipment to incorporate within the system. Digital signal compliance is mandatory since Guests will have laptops with newer graphics card formats (ie. HDMI, DisplayPort++, etc).

Extron table monuments were utilized to facilitate easy access to input analog or digital laptop signals. These connections are matrixed at the equipment rack in such a way as to make them available for local in-room presentations or as content sharing in High Definition videoconferences.

Multiple microphones are installed to ensure clear pick-up of all meeting participants. This system includes an audio conferencing system with full acoustic echo cancellation, plus it works in tandem with the high definition video conferencing.

Dual HD camera’s can ensure all meeting room participants can be seen and contribute clearly within the videoconferencing activities. Audio throughout the room, either as voice contribution or from video and PC based sources are mixed and sent to the VC, and far end audio is clear and easy to understand. Any in-room source, be it video or computer based can be “sent” within the VC either discreetly or as a “Dual Stream” (content share/presentation) mode of operation.

In room presentations can also be interactive. A large format Panasonic plasma monitor with interactive overlay connected to a dedicated computer facilitates interactive presentation capabilities. Documents can be viewed, modified and data conferencing is enabled. This creates a ‘collaborative’ working environment. This room truly is Interactive !!!

The entire system is very easy to use. A wired/wireless Crestron touch panel positions control of any function within one or two button pushes of the touch panel. It is clear and easy to read and easy to operate from anywhere within the meeting space.

Remote monitoring and management can be enabled when the client’s IT department allows such access. This system is ready for that capability and when it is enabled it will simplify and expedite end user operational support issues.

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