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About Hunter Communications

Hunter Communications was founded in 2002 as a satellite bandwidth and teleport provider.

We provide our customers consultative selling of satellite solutions in an effort to both lower costs and win business. Through unique industry knowledge and relationships Hunter generates efficiencies in the marketplace.

We work as an independent agent, working with satellite network service providers, US Gov't contractors and teleports worldwide, to support them with:

Satellite Bandwidth

Procurement. Hunter provides legal and commercial negotiation services on behalf of our clients. Hunter currently has approximately 1000 MHz under direct contract which we provide to our clients. In addition, Hunter has several clients for whom we provide negotiation services on their behalf to procure large volumes of capacity, representing an additional ~4000 MHz. Our typical scenario involves us working with a client on a particular project or bid, to analyze the right satellite options and technology and then working to make that bid the most efficient and cost-effective possible. Rather than the typical situation of an operator looking to sell a particular portion of segment that is in its best-interest, Hunter looks at all options to find the best fit for technical, regulatory and cost concerns. We only win if our clients do, which puts our interests in direct alignment with our clients'.

Bandwidth analysis, optimization and long-term planning. For many in the satellite industry, the cost of satellite space is the single largest cost-component of their business. So a focus is critical for: a) squeezing the best costs for bandwidth, analyzing to ensure the most Mbps is achieved per $ spent, and optimizing networks to ensure that no small portion of bandwidth goes wasted. It is Hunter's raison d'être to work with a client by digging into all aspects of their network, technology, how the bandwidth is being used, under what terms and rates it is purchased - and then working on long-term plans to improve and squeeze costs down. Every single cost percentage reduced goes directly to our client's bottom line.

Availability. For many regions of the world, capacity availability has been a constant issue - not having enough capacity or having the "right" capacity limits the growth our clients can achieve. Yet much of the bandwidth sold by the operators is un-used or under-used. With network re-designs and optimization, Hunter has worked to free up capacity for use by other clients with a need. In this way we have been able to provide many transponders of capacity to clients, when the satellite operators themselves were either full or pricing their remaining capacity at premiums. Hunter maintains a significant availability listing of companies who either have excess satellite capacity, or can obtain excess through our assistance to optimize their networks.

Teleport Facilities

Hunter has a long history of selling services from teleports and serving our clients through them. Over the years, we have developed a few strong opinions that we believe serve our clients well:

Depending on the type of network our clients operate, the cost of teleport versus that of satellite bandwidth often only represents 5 to 10% of the monthly recurring costs. Yet for many, the difficulty in moving teleports can be equal or even far more painful than moving satellites. It is therefore critical to choose your teleport vendor carefully - as they will either become your long-term partner or a significant burden for years to come. There are obvious concerns to consider - UPS/generator, on-site 24x7 staff, redundant fiber, etc. But beyond that, it is also important to ensure that facilities have stable management, are well-financed, that the owners continually re-invest in the facility and training for its technical staff, and that it is profitable. Lastly, that the owner and its staff have a strong desire to make things happen for their clients.

In part for the reasons above, we believe in using independent teleport operators who fit the above criteria. It is important for a client to maintain their independence from any one operator, and so we believe that using an operator-owned teleport restricts the leverage a client has to ensure it can achieve the best negotiations for the long-term.

Hunter works with many teleport operators around the world, to ensure they can deliver on their promises, both now and for years to come.

Hunter Communications Management Team

Our experience as a team helps drive our success.

  • Brent Perrott
    (914) 723-3595

    Brent is the President of Hunter Communications, Inc., a successful satellite services company he founded in 2002 providing satellite communications to government contractors, enterprise and telephone companies, primarily for fixed mobile, remote voice and Internet connectivity.


    Brent began his career in the satellite industry in 1993 with PanAmSat Corporation, the first privately owned international commercial satellite operator. He then moved to Americatel Corporation in 1995, the first foreign-owned US telecommunications firm.

    In 1997, Brent joined ICG Satellite Services, Inc., a wholly-owned division of ICG Communications, as Vice President of International Voice and Data (IVD) to assist with the financial troubled firm, then valued between $5 million and $10 million. Initially focusing on long-term liabilities to reduce SG&A and direct costs, Mr. Perrott was a key member of the senior management team who succeeded over a two year period to execute a successful financial turn-around of the company, culminating in a realized value of $100 million with the company's sale to Verestar, Inc.

    For the next two years, Brent continued to serve with Verestar as Vice President of the IVD division and was promoted to Senior Vice President of Emerging Accounts. During that time the firm grew in annual revenues to $225 million with organic growth averaging 50% per annum. Brent also served as a member of the acquisition team for Verestar, culminating in the successful purchase and integration of nine companies, enhancing the agent/partner program for the firm, and managed a team of 45 sales and marketing professionals.

    Brent has broadened his employment experience with extensive international travel in nearly every region of the world. This travel, combined with the experiences gained from living in five countries and attending international business colleges in three countries, has provided an excellent breadth of cultural and business experience. He converse fluently in two languages, with additional rudimentary language skills in several others. Mr. Perrott holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta (Canada) and University of Plymouth (England), as well as an MBA from the European University (Paris, France).

  • John M. Greene
    (303) 679-2922

    With nearly 20 years in the satellite industry, John has served as an executive with both Service Integrators and Satellite Operators. From Telecom to Broadcast to Government users, John has excelled in providing customer-centric satellite solutions.


    For Hunter, John has been instrumental in cultivating relationships with customers and suppliers alike, culminating in numerous multi-year, multimillion dollar contracts. Using his in-depth knowledge of of satellite communications, from the technical and business components to sales and execution strategies, John has helped grow Hunter into what it is today.

    Prior to joining Hunter, John forged strategic partnerships with broadcasters and telcos for the newly created international satellite operator, Columbia Communications, where for two years he was the only sales person responsible for marketing 20 C-Band transponders. Columbia Communications was eventually sold to GE for $100 million. While with ICG Satellite Services, John grew the company's international voice termination and data segments from virtually zero to a multi-million dollar business.

    At Verestar, John was one of the three executives selected to to form the company's highly successful Government Services division. In this role he managed all non-direct US. Government business for Verestar, inking multi-million dollar contracts with numerous government contractors.. Prior to serving the government sector, John led a sales team providing internet, voice, and data services in the enterprise arena.

    John has a Bachelor of Arts in American Government from Georgetown University. He speaks conversational French and Italian.

  • Michael Dougherty
    (484) 538-7752

    With 15 years in the satellite industry, Michael began with Loral Skynet in 1997. As part of Loral Skynet, Michael not only enjoyed the sales role, he also aided in satellite technical design, as well as serving in an advisory role for systems and processes.


    Joining Hunter in March of 2011, Michael has the demeanor of a Sales Director with the wiring of an Engineer.

    Michael has extensive experience working with Broadcasters, Cable Companies, Enterprise, and Government Integrators. Michael's sales abilities have developed from bandwidth sales to developing Video MCPC platform to mobile applications and unique mobile solutions.

    Michael involvement in mobile applications began back in 1999 when Loral Skynet and Michael was the first team to develop and contract an Aeronautical two-way service with the Boeing Company. Working with Engineering and Regulatory Michael helped design the first Ku-band coverage over the Atlantic Ocean for Broadband In-flight satellite services.

    Michael continued to develop mobile satellite solutions for the maritime, aeronautical, and ground-land systems. Michael has understanding of detailed link budget analyses including Spread Spectrum, DVB-S2, and Carrier-n-Carrier technologies. In addition to the technical capabilities Michael also understands the regulatory restrictions on operating mobile services and is well adept at working multiple functional groups to create long-term valuable solutions.

    Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The College of New Jersey and has continued educations credits at George Washington University.

  • Billie J. Sims
    (703) 395-3521

    With 15 years in the satellite industry, Billie began with the CBS Affiliate in Washington producing live shots and scheduling satellite feeds for the newscast. Billie moved from the broadcast side to the integrator role in 1999.


    From coordinating satellite trucks to satellite operators, Billie has served customers in the broadcast & media, government, and enterprise sectors. Billie has secured anchor customers with new product development platforms as well as played key integration roles for organizational change during merger and acquisition phases overseeing over $250m in revenue.

    Billie joined Hunter in September 2011 to aid in the company's growth and expansion efforts. She enjoys collaborating with the Hunter team as well as customers, partners and suppliers to develop winning strategies for the entire value chain.

    Billie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and an Executive Masters in Business Administration from George Mason University. She holds certificates in Satellite Engineering from George Washington University and Leadership from Rutgers University Center for Management Development.

    Billie currently resides in Haymarket, VA with her husband, Jason and their three children. In her spare time, Billie enjoys spending time with her family, attending her children's sporting events, riding horses, jogging and pulling for the Washington Redskins.

  • Julian Dunn
    +44 7771955161

    With over 23 years in the satellite field, Julian has worked in both the broadcast and data sides of the industry. Julian has experienced many of the key changes that make the satellite industry what it is today.


    Julian's first satellite role in 1992 was for a UK based company, Alphameric Broadcast Solutions, which provided satellite occasional use business TV services and satellite data feed services on a global basis. With Julian’s help the company won and rolled out Phase One of the UK National Lottery project, involving the installation and maintenance of over 2,000 VSAT sites in the UK.

    Over the years Julian has worked mostly for satellite service/teleport providers and therefore knows this market very well. Having initially worked for Loral Cyberstar/Skynet, a USA based company from 2000 to 2003, he then moved on to a number of other European based teleport providers.

    Whilst working for British Telecom from 2004 to 2010 Julian won the prestigious 2009 BT Masters Club Award for achieving outstanding individual sales growth and profit for British Telecom.

    Julian has been a supplier of space segment capacity to Hunter since 2004 and knows the company well. In December 2014 the decision was made to join the Hunter team and for the role to be based in London, UK. Being based in the UK enables Julian to increase Hunter's direct sales and purchasing presence in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

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