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E115WB (Satmex-7)

Hunter Communications Canada was formally inaugurated in 2012 to address the growing needs of the Canadian satellite market. After working for several years on a hosted payload, Hunter ultimately chose the upcoming E115WB (Satmex-7) satellite to design and build a Ku-band beam that will have the highest-power and full ubiquitous coverage over Canada compared to any that exists today.

Once a closed market, Canada largely opened its satellite market to competition in 2006. To date, however, a variety of factors have limited any companies from truly competing with incumbent operations - many of them technical and related to lack of possible frequency use with the majority of orbital locations. Hunter chose E115WB for its Canadian payload for exactly that reason. Its orbital location of 114.9W is in the center of the "Canadian arc" and has no such technical restrictions. This position allows Hunter to achieve some critical benefits:

  1. It is the only satellite orbital location that can see both the north-west tip of the Yukon and the south-east tip of Newfoundland at a 10 degree elevation or better. No other position can achieve such ubiquitous coverage.
  2. All other satellites in the US and Canadian domestic arcs, have restrictions placed on them due to adjacent satellites. There are no Canadian beams on either of its two neighboring satellites so E115WB enjoys fewer regulatory restrictions. For any application involving small antennas (sub-1 meter), this is a critical cost benefit that allows a client to use less MHz to achieve the same Mbps throughput.
  3. The Hunter beam in Canada has the strongest power (measured as EIRP) of any beam that exists on competing satellites. While the beam covers all 50 US-states, the power is concentrated to the north. This allows for efficient teleport operations through all of North America, but still provides the highest EIRP in Canada, where it is most needed. From the oil-fields of Alberta to the northern passage and Hudson Bay, there is no other Ku-beam with such high power, allowing smaller antennas and lower costs per Mbps.

  • non-inclined orbit

    E115WB (Satmex-7)
    (launched March 1st, 2015)

    Manufacturer: Boeing Satellite Systems
    Transponders: 6-Ku Band 4 @ 54 MHz, 2 @ 36 MHz
    In Service: September 2015

  • EIRP
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Launch of our E115WB satellite, March 1st, 2015

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